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Internal Medicine

If your pet is not responding to treatment as expected or requires advanced diagnostic procedures, such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, lung washes, bone marrow aspiration, or biopsy, we can help. VRC’s internal medicine specialist works closely with referring veterinarians seeking diagnosis, second opinions, and/or management of acute and chronic diseases, including those of the kidney, liver, lungs, bladder, GI tract, and endocrine system. Our internist also consults with other specialists within our practice including surgeons, oncologists, and emergency care veterinarians.

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Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Veterinary dentistry requires specialized diagnostics and additional training beyond the veterinary medicine degree.

At VRC, our full range of dental and oral surgery services and conditions treated include:

Oral malodor or inflammation: Severe gingivitis or inflamed oral tissue can be indicative of serious systemic disease and should never be dismissed simply as bad breath

Neoplasia: Surgical treatment of oral tumors

Fractured teeth: Teeth with exposed pulp must be treated or extracted, or they will become infected and abscess. Teeth can be salvaged with vital pulp capping or root canal therapy

Orthodontics: Evaluation and correction of common malocclusions (misaligned bites)

Jaw fracture repairs: Unlike orthodontic repairs, jaw repairs also require teeth alignment to maintain functionality

Oral defects: Congenital or traumatic defects requiring oral surgery

Periodontics: Treatment of periodontal tissue, which supports the teeth. Procedures include tooth scaling and polishing, root planing, mucogingival surgery, and guided tissue and bone regeneration

Restorations: Caries repair, metal crowns, and bonding

If your family veterinarian recommends advanced care from a dental specialist, call us to make an appointment for your pet’s first consultation.

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VRC’s cardiology service provides diagnostic, therapeutic, and pre-anesthetic consultations for pets with suspected or documented congenital or acquired heart disease. These heart problems may be primary (stand alone) or secondary (occur from other systemic, internal medical problems). Primary heart disease may also contribute to the signs and symptoms of other internal medical problems.

We provide diagnosis and confirmation of your referring veterinarian’s diagnosis of congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, pulmonary hypertension, systemic hypertension, cardiopulmonary disease, and cardiac disease due to other systemic disease. Diagnoses are made using a combination of physical examination, echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound, thoracic radiography, electrocardiography, and blood pressure evaluation. As needed, we will provide medications, radiology, abdominal or thoracic ultrasound, and internal referrals to other services within VRC including internal medicine, emergency, oncology, and surgery.

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VRC is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing emergency veterinary medicine and critical care to dogs and cats. We work together and in partnership with your family veterinarian to quickly and accurately assess your pet’s medical condition and provide the safest, most effective treatment options available. Our team of emergency veterinarians has advanced training and experience, the latest technology, and seamless access to VRC’s full range of veterinary specialists. To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our 24/7 emergency services, click HERE.

*At this time, we are not accepting Avian & Exotics emergencies. Please call our hospital at 610-647-2950 for recommended local emergency & specialty hospitals that are accepting.

Our ICU features:

  • Full laboratory service
  • Venous and arterial blood gas monitoring
  • Oxygen-enriched environments
  • Telemetric ECG monitoring
  • Blood pressure, arterial blood pressure, and central venous blood pressure monitoring
  • Advanced anesthesia monitoring
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Diagnostic procedures: endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and thoracoscopic lung biopsy
  • Diagnostic imaging: ultrasound, fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT), and digital X-ray (radiography)
  • Emergency ultrasound 7 days a week


Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

We offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for your pet’s respiratory disease, including interstitial lung disease, upper airway obstruction, collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis, brachycephalic airway disease, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pulmonary hypertension, and pleural space disease. Our advanced diagnostic modalities include bronchoscopy, fluoroscopy, thoracic ultrasound, and 16-slice helical computed tomography.