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Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Veterinary dentistry requires specialized diagnostics and additional training beyond the veterinary medicine degree.

At VRC, our full range of dental and oral surgery services and conditions treated include:

Oral malodor or inflammation: Severe gingivitis or inflamed oral tissue can be indicative of serious systemic disease and should never be dismissed simply as bad breath

Neoplasia: Surgical treatment of oral tumors

Fractured teeth: Teeth with exposed pulp must be treated or extracted, or they will become infected and abscess. Teeth can be salvaged with vital pulp capping or root canal therapy

Orthodontics: Evaluation and correction of common malocclusions (misaligned bites)

Jaw fracture repairs: Unlike orthodontic repairs, jaw repairs also require teeth alignment to maintain functionality

Oral defects: Congenital or traumatic defects requiring oral surgery

Periodontics: Treatment of periodontal tissue, which supports the teeth. Procedures include tooth scaling and polishing, root planing, mucogingival surgery, and guided tissue and bone regeneration

Restorations: Caries repair, metal crowns, and bonding

If your family veterinarian recommends advanced care from a dental specialist, call us to make an appointment for your pet’s first consultation.

To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Oral and Dental Surgery at VRC, click HERE.