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VRC is proud to be a participating hospital for a new treatment option called Synovetin OA®, NOW AVAILABLE!

Synovetin OA® is a unique way to treat arthritis in dogs. It’s not a daily NSAID pill or chew, and it’s not joint surgery. Synovetin OA is just one simple, safe, fast, non-surgical injection that gives your dog up to ONE full year of relief. Because Synovetin OA is dosed directly into the elbow joint, right where it hurts, it targets the source of the inflammation and pain that cause your dog to limp. And Synovetin OA is not absorbed into your dog’s body like traditional dog arthritis treatments, so you can be confident that it’s a safe and effective choice.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Suffering From Osteoarthritis Pain?

Many dogs suffering from OA pain are not treated, as owners often attribute decreases in activity or playfulness to old age. Although pets may sleep more and become less active with age, any change in activity level should raise a red flag and warrants a veterinary evaluation. Unfortunately, OA-related activity changes often occur gradually, and owners may not notice that their pet no longer plays and runs as they once did. Signs that may indicate your dog is experiencing OA pain include:

  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty rising
  • Exercising only in short spurts
  • Hesitation or refusal to jump onto furniture or go up and down stairs
  • Grumpiness
  • Limping or lameness

Synovetin OA As a Treatment Option

This injection has been proven effective in the treatment of dogs with elbow OA. Synovetin OA® works by treating the disease at the source by targeting and deactivating the inflammation-producing cells for up to 12 months. Studies show a 92% success rate in dogs with mild and moderate elbow osteoarthritis. No significant side effects or safety issues have been reported.

Benefits include:
  • Improving a dog’s active lifestyle
  • Providing long-lasting pain relief
  • May help keep OA from getting worse

Synovetin OA® treatments are administered by our board-certified surgeons, Kelsey Cappelle, VMD, DACVS,  Jason Coggeshall, DVM, DACVS-SA, and Brittany Neal, VMD, DACVS.

Additional information can be found here:
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If your dog is currently receiving OA medications but still showing signs of pain, speak with your family veterinarian about additional options that can keep them more comfortable.