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Medical Neurology

Our board-certified veterinary neurologist is available to diagnose and treat a variety of nervous system-related diseases and injuries in dogs and cats, including seizure disorders, non-infectious inflammatory nervous system diseases, brain cancers, movement disorders, and neuromuscular diseases, among others.

When your pet is evaluated by a neurologist at VRC, a series of non-invasive and painless initial tests will be performed to determine which part of the nervous system is affected and to what degree. Once this is established, recommendations for a more precise diagnostic and treatment plan can be determined and discussed with you.

Advanced imaging of the nervous system, particularly with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), is often required for accurate diagnosis in patients with a neurologic dysfunction as well as other specialized tests like spinal fluid analysis and muscle or nerve biopsies, most of which can be performed on-site. We always work closely with you and your family veterinarian to determine a treatment plan that’s right for your pet’s unique needs.

We also offer physical rehabilitation options, which are often extremely beneficial as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with surgical or medicinal intervention in medical neurology cases.