Anesthesiology & Pain Management

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Anesthesiology & Pain Management Services


340 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA
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Anesthesiology & Pain Management

VRC is pleased to offer anesthesiology and pain management for the comfort and safety of our patients. We provide the following services to patients, owners, and referring veterinary community:
– Pre-operative anesthesia consults
– Advice on peri-anesthetic management
– Advanced ultrasound-guided locoregional analgesia techniques
– Perioperative neuromuscular function monitoring
– In-house post-operative pain management

Pain Management

Unlike most humans who are able to verbally communicate discomfort, pets can only communicate with us with changes in their behavior. These changes are often subtle, even in the face of significant pain.

Left untreated, painful animals experience dramatic declines in overall health with adverse effects on multiple body systems. Ultimately, quality of life can rapidly deteriorate. The consequence of a pet’s suffering can also damage the bond between a pet and his/her human family.

Our pain management team is here to give you the tools you need to identify whether your companion is painful and provide an individualized and multimodal approach to the treatment of his/her condition. This may include medications alone or in combination with a variety of other treatment approaches.